Sacramento French Film Festival

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Sacramento French Film Festival 2014 opens with an elegant reception.

The reception was held at Crest Theater prior to a screening of Not My Type (Pas son Genre), a film about a philosopher who goes to teach in a quiet small town, where he soon falls for a bubbly local hairdresser.

Coffee Works helped sponsor the opening night reception for this year’s festival. And this year we had new features of our own: Kouign Amann (new bakery product) and Jump Start Cold Brew. Both were well received and it looks like they are going to be staying within the known Coffee Works family.



Nicaraguan Journal

Prod JAS cupping

In this photo Coffee Works owner John Shahabian participates with Alex Mason of Royal Coffee in a cupping at the beneficio seco of Prode Cooperativa near Esteli in northern Nicaragua.

A highlight of our trip to Nicaragua was being able to cup the new crop and get a preview of the future offerings from each producer.

The photos on this page illustrate the coffee production cycle as practiced at two renowned specialty coffee growers and suppliers in Nicaragua. As you can see, the production of high-quality coffee for enjoyment by enthusiasts around the world is an exacting and time-consuming labor of love. Read more

Uganda AA “Bugisu”

Screen Shot 007

The Pearl of Africa

Is it possible to overstate the importance of the East Africa Rift System to coffee-lovers? On that distant ridge of tropical peaks and highlands, zig-zagging from Sinai to Zimbabwe, the coffee plant made its botanical debut. There, at the edge of the continent, the best of it still thrives.

East of Lake Victoria and Mount Elgon (4,321 m), where the Equator meets the Rift, lie the celebrated Kenya coffee lands. To the West of Elgon lies the lesser-known Bugisu (Boo-gih-shoo), Uganda’s premier growing region. Read more

Myanmar Natural “Golden Triangle”

Screen Shot 001

The British introduced coffee trees to Burma (now Myanmar) circa 1900. There was a flirt with development in the fifties and sixties, but regional and internal political and economic turmoil left the Myanmar coffee plantations in the stone age of world production. Not good maybe for the central bankers of Myanmar, but oh so perfect conditions for those of us looking for the next source of unspoiled coffee. Read more

Colombia “San Agustin”

Screen Shot 006

Coffee has been king in Colombia more than a century. Colombia is the world’s largest producer of “mild” arabica coffee, and, next to Brazil, the second largest producer of all coffee. In 1998 it made $565 million as America’s No. 1 supplier.

Call it codependency. The smiling trademarked face of the fictitious Juan Valdez is an icon of Western culture, better known than the logos for CBS and AT&T. Since 1959 Juan has been sent to persuade us that Colombian is “the world’s richest coffee”. Read more

Ethiopia Natural Sidamo

Screen Shot 008

Call me Mr. Natural

If coffee drinking were a religion, Ethiopia would be the Holy Land. The coffee faithful would trek there, like the annual hadj of Mohammedans to Mecca.

In the Sidamo province of southern Ethiopia, where the Great Rift system lifts the north-eastern African plateau above 5,000 ft., the species coffea originated. It was from here that ancient traders, identities shrouded in the mists of time, ferried plants across the Red Sea to establish the first coffee farms on the arid mountainsides of southern Arabia, today’s Yemen. Read more