Jump Start®
Our most-popular blend for more than twenty years, jump start is our house standard for bold flavors & roasts. It is built on a foundation of naturally-processed high-grown arabicas & seasoned w/ a toasty-sweet ultra dark roast. The interplay of the fruity original coffee character against the vibrant dark caramelized edge creates a delicious high-contrast taste tension to awaken & fire the senses.

A classic pairing of velvety full-bodied pacific island w/ lively, aromatic, high-grown mountain coffees, gently roasted in the lighter style of moka java or breakfast blend. the mild roasting of sweetfire allows the charming subtleties of the underlying coffee character to emerge from its vail of roaster cosmetics. (the name sweetfire is a transliteration of the delightfully-suggestive Armenian name, huranoush.)

Dark Star
Dark star‍ is coffee works’ premium French roast. since deep roasting not only creates but also destroys flavors, for dark star we select only those beans which compliment dark roasting w/ enhanced original flavor character. the result is a french roast that is burnished w/ body & richness, but never burnt or bitter.

First jump start, then Balthazar’s. Working from the basic jump start wild/dark dynamic we back-filled the middle tones to approach the full spectrum of coffee body, character, & roast. The result is a coffee w/ the underlying boldness of jump start but w/ complete fullness & polish all in one concise statement. We’ll stake our reputation on the claim that you will not find another coffee, single origin or blend to match the satisfying “wall of flavor” of Balthazar’s.

Dark French/Italian
For those who crave the most extreme caramels at the periphery of the coffee roaster’s art, we offer dark French/Italian. italian is our single most popular roast — & it’s all about the roast. the combination of ultra dark roasting without charring or bitterness is made possible by our sivitz “fluidized bed” roaster technology. our Italian roast always delivers a rich & clean smoky intensity w/ a long sweet finish.

Certified Organic Coffees
Coffee works is a certified organic coffee roaster. Jump start & our other blends, as well as many of the single-origin coffees we roast, like nicaragua segovia, ethiopia sidamo, & flores bajawa, are available as certified organic. If you want to learn more about the organic certification process, check out the good folks who do our certification by clicking on the acronym of california certified organic farmers (ccof) of Santa Cruz, California.

Single-Origin Coffees
In addition to our roastery specialties, as they become available we also offer special single-origin national, growing region, or estate-grown coffees. Our single-origin offerings change frequently as they become available & we run through our supply. The best way to find out what’s available is to visit the shop or to call & ask. Don’t forget to inquire about our coffee of the month.