It’s a typical morning at Coffee Works, Sacramento’s oldest specialty roaster that has been serving its house-made blends to East Sacramento and beyond since 1982. Back in those days, recalls owner John Shahabian, there were no specialty coffee houses and Starbucks had yet to stake its claim in the state capital.

So, we’ve been a little busy – and this post is a little late…

A couple of weeks ago, our neighbors at Sac News & Review put up an excellent article about Sacramento’s thriving coffee scene — particularly the independent specialty roasters. As you well know, Coffee Works has been priming, roasting, and brewing since 1982. We appreciated joining with our Sacramento peers in SN&R’s article.

Community and culture I think is really what this is about. I told one of my friends that it’s like a place where we can repair our souls.

It is especially nice that this article came out on the heels of another article they printed/posted in September about hockey player and chief roaster, Stevan Teague. You can learn some of his secrets to a great cup of coffee and Coffee Work’s longevity (lasting quality!) via this link.

Otherwise, please enjoy this article by Steph Rodriguez, about the national award winning and flourishing scene.