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Privacy Notice

We don’t sell, give away, pass on in any manner, your information, ever. We wouldn’t like it and we don’t think you would either.

Coffee Works’ Guarantee of Quality and Satisfaction

Coffee Works is certified and inspected by the California Council of Organic Farmers (CCOF) as a fully organic roaster and is licensed and inspected by the California Department of Public Health.

All of the coffees we roast are produced using approved organic methods by certified organic farmers, which ensures they are grown, processed, and shipped to us without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides of any kind.

We exclusively source the richest-flavored, high-grown, hand-picked and naturally-processed arabica varietals for our roasting.

An increasing majority of our coffee is secured directly from farmer-owned cooperatives, ensuring that the profit from their labor returns to the farmers.

Finally, all of our coffee comes with our personal guarantee of your satisfaction. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the coffee you purchase from Coffee Works, you may return it for a full refund.